Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co. Ltd., 2014, the registered capital of 1 million, 30 employees, e-commerce team professional development: mainly for wholesale B2B, company culture: the company to "focus on the headset, hard service" as the core value, all to customer demand as the center, hope that through professional standards and unremitting efforts, reshaping the enterprise network image, provide service guidance for the enterprise product promotion of cultural development; Product development and sales of the original Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co., the company focused on the field of electro acoustic, dedicated to domestic and foreign users of various levels of professional excellence and cost-effective products. The company currently has more than the industry's top acoustic engineers, as well as the complete supply chain advantages, can provide customers with the appearance of the design and internal structure design and complete acoustic rectification program. A sound quality performance and magic sound (Monster)'s high-end headphones sound quality products, we need only a dozen yuan of the cost of the product can be made. And the left and right ear plus or minus tolerance control in 2DB (the standard tolerance of the international headset is positive and negative 3DB) quality is stable and reliable. We are very familiar with the current international big name headphone audio tuning direction and technical specifications, so we can also make and some international big name some of the high-end product 1:1 sound quality. But the absolute advantage of the cost price, I believe that every customer will like. Our company to the advantage of product technology as the cornerstone of the industry into the industry, the production of a number of manufacturers refused to manufacture some low-end products. We can use the amount to control costs, but can not be used to reduce the cost of quality, which is the basis of our foothold. The company now has a number of long-term cooperation of OEM and ODM customers, product lines are set for the high-end market, customer product sales prospects are clear. The company currently owns two brands, KZ and G.K, in the Chinese market quite well received by users.

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Got these for me but then my brother decided he wants a pair, so i only really tested them out. they seem better than the KZ ATE and Yamaha emp m200s i had been using, significantly. Im no Audiophile but i definitely feel they would be good enough for me to leave my ATH M50s at home without a second thought. i might even say they sound better than the M50s, specifically in the case of casual use. I think the smaller soundstage isnt so import in this case. Also the cable is awesome it looks great, i dont see it breaking any time soon, and since its detachable i could swap in the bluetooth adapter, but alas i havent tested out that setup, my brother seems to like it though.<br>unless you're using these for actual monitoring as musician or producer, i cant really think of a better deal , especially if u want an all round earphone
Mais um fone com a assinatura de qualidade KZ. Lamento que esteja esgotado aqui na Gearbest, pois é um dos melhores fones que a marca já lançou em termos de ergonomia, graves e custo-benefício, além da experiência única de um fone in-ear com personalidade nos graves. Assemelha-se muito à assinatura sonora do fone AKG K414P, graves fortes e bem presentes. Quem está acostumado com o ótimo som do ZSN e adquirir o ZS3E sentirá falta dos médios destacados e agudos proeminentes, mas nada que venha macular o projeto do fone. Enfim, vale muito a pena adquirir esse pequeno grande fone.
you can save money.<br>My friend bought a high quality earphone and he spent over $1000. <br>He would be say, 'hmm, not bad but not that good. How much was it? 50 bucks... well, I am gonna buy it for my nephews'<br>My another friend bought a primium quality earphone and he spent over $300<br>He said 'Wow, it is so cool, So how much is it? $50... what the... "<br>Do you guys understand?<br>Depends on who try to listen, the output of the KZ AS10 is so nice and satisfied. <br>Oh, i recommand to listen with silver cable, it would be totally different sound.
Τα ακουστικά ήρθαν μέσα στον προκαθορισμένο χρόνο παράδοσης σε άριστη κατάσταση. Αρκεί να τα παραγγείλετε με priority line για να αποφύγετε και τη χρέωση του τελωνείου στην Ελλάδα. Τώρα όσο αφορά την ποιότητα των ακουστικών, με μια πρώτη δοκιμή σε άκουσμα μουσικής, ακούγονται καθαρά και ικανοποιητικά σε όλες τις συχνότητες. Για την τιμή τους τα προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα. Καθώς είμαι μουσικός, θα τα δοκιμάσω και σε κάποιο live και θα επανέλθω!
Utilizando ele no dia a dia, prende bem a orelha como um In Ear de qualidade<br>Construção do fone impecável e Linda.<br>Qualidade KZ nunca deixa a desejar, desde os fones mais simples<br>Perfeito som limpo e claro, drivers bem distribuidos e um som bem alto.<br>médios e agudos um tanto quanto pronunciáveis, mas tem um grave que atende muito bem.<br><br>Sem contras.
Para mim é simplesmente o melhor fone in-ear, para começar a marca KZ está de parabéns com todos os seus produtos, melhor custo/beneficio em relação a fones de ouvido. Excelentes graves, médios gostosos de se ouvir, super nítido. Material de construção impecável, super resistente e ergonômico.<br>Se tem algo que pode incomodar a alguém, talvez seja os agudos que em determinados momentos são muito estridentes.
If you bought the KZ earphones this is a necessary piece as it not only transforms the earphones into a wireless unit but does not sacrifice the quality that we are usually well accustomed to thanks to AptX HD support, it is also a step forward compared to the previous bluetooth module with a battery that lasts almost three times and without affecting portability. An inevitable purchase!
This is my first ear bud and frankly, I didn't have much expectations. since it was so much cheaper than many of the competitions. Other bluetooth ear pieces I've had, I usually had some problems pairing but this one paired very easily, once I figured out which one was the right (as opposed to the left) piece
La descripción es exacta a lo que llega. Ha tardado poco en llegar.<br>El sonido es increíble con una calidad similar a unos auriculares muy por encima de su precio.<br>Es la primera vez que compro auriculares de este estilo y merece la pena... lo compré con micrófono y aún no pude probar la calidad del mismo pero con el sonido que tienen me doy por satisfecho.<br>Recomendado al 100%!!
amazing soundstage for this price range<br>im satisfied with how clear bass is and mids too<br>good isolation and nice outer look with metal plate<br>detachable cable is a big plus
Awesome sound. I don't think I had any in-ear so good like this. My best earphones ever. Excellent build quality and design that is incredibly light and easy on the ear. The treble frequencies are higher than I expected, but nothing difficult to correct through a good equalization.
The sound of this bluetooth cable is ok at this price point, I use my Fiio FH1 and I noticed rhat the audio quality drops a little bit specially in the bass, the only real problem I have with this cable is the microphone that sounds very bad
good and sturdy case<br>nice blue color that always shows up and nice to find<br>nicely done inside with padded sponge that keeps earphones
Teli vannak a külföldi fórumok, hogy milyen zseniális cucc. Mondom adok neki egy esélyt. Memória habos fülillesztékkel használva tényleg páratlan. Ár érték arányban verhetetlen. Mindenkinek ajánlom, aki kedveli a minőségi audio cuccokat.
really good value for money<br>amazing sound stage quality with lots of bass and clear mids<br>detachable cable is a big plus<br>kudos kz
Very good earphones for this price. Good and strong bass and very loud. I am very pleased with my first KZ earphones. Recommended.
Useful little box, good value! Can be used for basically any storage/transportation of small items. The box closes very well, but it can be slightly difficult to open sometimes.
amazin sound for this earphones<br>good bass and clear clear mids<br>detachable cable is a good option<br>kudos kz
It works properly with my KZ ZS6. So far there were no problems with the connection, even staying some meters away. The AptX protocol helps to provide good sound quality, but it would be better if it would be AptX HD.
Battery life is nice more than 6hours good earplug type not heavy <br><br><br>Sound quality not the best but for this price good
Best earphones <br>Clear sound and deep Bass<br><br>Great shipping<br>Quick delivery via DHL<br>Well pack
comprei por review do canal "mind the headphone", que fone excepcional! Muito bom a qualidade!<br>Recomendo a compra para todos, tanto pelo produto quanto pela rapidez na entrega, chegou muito rápido!
It works properly with my KZ ZS6. So far there were no problems with the connection even so meters away. The AptX protocol helps to provide good sound quality, even though it would be AptX HD.
Неплохие наушники за свои деньги. Хотя для приемлемого звука приходится повозиться с эквалайзером. Но в целом вполне сносно.
la marca Kz siembre supera los espectativas y en este adaptador no fue la excepción, su sonido está muy bien el material se siente resistente , estoy muy contento lo recomiendo , los estoy usando en mi Kz Zsn pro
Nice design. High quality craftsmanship. I am satisfied. Nice design. High quality craftsmanship. I am satisfied. Nice design. High quality craftsmanship. I am satisfied.
It arrived after 3 weeks. Tracking throughout is great. I got the info when it arrived in my country.<br>Happy with the sound, seal and they look great.
Otima construção com material de primeira, recomendo principalmente para fones da Kz que tem os fones e cabos maiores, ficam bem instalados na case e a rede interna é ótima para carregar as borrachas de substituição
The product is very useful for storing earphones. It could be cheaper but other than that there are no other complaints.
Tengo más de 6 meses utilizado los audífonos y su calidad es excelente su sonido es completamente claro. Para la música es genial, soundstage amplio graves y agudos correctos. No importa el nivel volumen que tengas, siempre suenan bien... Totalmente recomendados...