zanmini is created for your busy lifestyle with assisting you in your culinary experiences, supporting you when trying to master new kitchen techniques, helping you reduce cleaning and cooking efforts, and improving your modern home design.

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4.9 out of 5

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It's a good quality bottle. Feels good, looks good, big enough. Didn't try it's vacuum abilites, though.<br>I recommend this product.
Покупал за копейки по распродаже из телеграмм канала @chinagoodbuy (<br>Все отлично. <br><br>I bought for a penny on sale from the @chinagoodbuy channel telegrams (<br>All perfectly.
Крутые силиконовые подставки от известного бренда Zanmini ! Гибкие,удобные,красивые,можно мыть в посудомойке !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jolie bouteille, stylèe et bon marché ! Produit reçu rapidement, très bien emballé, la housse est pratique pour le transport, les deux coloris (orange et bleu) sont bien. Au toucher, la bouteille est agréable. Nous attendons les fortes chaleurs pour vraiement constater si elles tiennent bien le froid.
Was a little bit sceptical when I bought the opener as I was planning to gift it to someone. The wine opener exceeded my expectation. Really good build and quality.
what an amazing kitchen appliance...<br>every one should buy this.<br>a Bargains deal for the built quality..<br>it give you an over the top heat protection<br>5stars....
Πολύ καλό προιόν. Είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένος, γιατί η ποιότητα και γενικά το προιόν στην ολότητά του είναι ακριβώς όπως περιγραφόταν. Το προτείνω.
Ωραία συσκευασία κάνει αυτό που υπόσχεται απλά θα περίμενα μεγαλύτερη απόδοση όσον αφορά την ψύξη συγκρίνοντας το με ένα κανονικό παγακι.
Perfect for protecting kitchen countertops against heat marks especially quartz and wood. Very good product and easy to clean
This water bottle made of stainless steel is the perfect container for your liquids and its use is vital to reduce the use of plastic, so I recommend it to everyone
Works fine. Good quality.<br>You put it on the bottle, push the button and wine goes smoothly to the glass.<br>Joyful lights flashing.
Produto da marca Zanmini, uma marca de excelente qualidade, produto muito bom, prático e bem funcional.<br>Product of the brand Zanmini, a brand of excellent quality, very good product, practical and well functional.
Very nice end very good. Good design. Working perfect. Easy coonection. Very good quality. Good price. Thanks!
Estava um pouco séptico quanto à qualidade do material, mas estava enganado. tem bons acabamentos e o revestimento exterior da-lhe um toque de "classe". <br>Agora vamos ver a resitência e a duração da bateria
The melon slicer is from medium quality. The cutting is now easier and the slicer can be washedin a dishwasher
muito satisfeita. boa qualidade, recomendo sem problema
Very useful tool and it can give life again at your knives.
Valeu cada centavo!<br>Correspondeu minhas expectativas<br>porém ultilizei somente para bebidas frias.
Klappt gut und ist praktisch.<br>Auch gut um den Milchbehälter der Simens Q9 zu putzen<br> <br>Gueni
Chegou no prazo, confome o anuncio, bem firme e confortavel.
top qualité à recommander Merci Gearbest pour ce produit